What is Group Therapy ?

The aim of Group Therapy is to use peer role modeling to achieve function.This can be very beneficial for children that need extra support to socialize and interact with their peers, need encouragement to try new things, practice using language skills, follow instructions and make new friends.

Group sessions can be classified as –

Social Groups

Social groups focus on building social skills, peer interactions, and the social use of language. This group includes pretend play, sensory play, and socialization activities.

Sensory Integration Groups

Sensory Integration sessions focus on building sensory- motor skills while enjoying themselves thus having  a fun and encouraging group experience. This group is beneficial for children who need to build/  improve motor coordination skills and feel comfortable and confident with movement experiences and messy play activities in a group setting. Our sensory integration curriculum utilizes strategies that help children gain confidence, regulate behavior and build peer relationships.

Fine Motor Groups

Fine motor groups focus on building skills, coordination and strength in the small muscles of the hands. It is beneficial for children who have difficulties with tasks such as eating with spoons , dressing, buttoning, zippering, opening containers, tying shoes and writing legibly. The group will include activities to build core stability, upper extremity and hand strength, visual motor skills, craft and sensory activities and the use of small manipulative skills.