What is Remedial /Special education ?

This helps to understand the child and bridge the gap between their learning,comprehensive and intellectual abilities. It focuses on the child ‘s present functional  level and works on building concepts and making learning , reading and writing enjoyable  using innovative techniques and working on specific areas like reasoning, logic, literacy ,visual discrimination etc. This program helps children to gain core competency in academics while working on skills like literacy and numeracy.

Who will benefit?

Children having difficulties in the following areas :

  • Reversals in alphabets, numbers.
  • Difficulty in  reading and writing.
  • Difficulty with retention of memorized work.

Who is it for ?

  • Children with reading, comprehension and writing difficulties.
  • Difficulty in grasping concepts.
  • Children having difficulty in understanding mathematical concepts and its application.
  • Children unable to comprehend simple math skills.
  • Incomplete class work.
  • Children with poor/ illegible handwriting.
  • Unable to process simultaneously while reading text / passage.
  • Unable to comprehend unseen matter/concept.
  • Children with  a wide gap between verbal and written skills.
  • Children with poor academic grades.