What is Neuro-Developmental Therapy?

Neuro- developmental therapy (NDT) initially developped by Karol and Bertha Bobath in the 1960’s. Physical Therapy or Neuro-Developmental Therapy is a hands on approach for children which  helps improve a child’s mobility, gross motor coordination, strength and endurance.


How does it benefit my child?

This helps in re creating a new framework  according to the theory of neuro-plasticity to achieve developmental milestones  and work on the holistic growth and progress of the child.


Who is it for ?

The goal in Physical Therapy is to improve a child’s ability to move and interact with their environment independently and confidently by addressing:

  • Walking and Mobility
  • Muscle Strength, Muscle Tone and Range of Motion
  • Balance, Coordination and Motor Planning
  • Developmental Motor Milestones
  • Positioning
  • Postural Control
  • Congenital or acquired orthopedic impairments
  • Neuromuscular or neurological disorder like Cerebral Palsy, Guillian Barre Syndrome(GBS) , rare syndromes like MPS 2.